What time do I need to arrive for a class?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to event time to snag your seat.

Events start promptly and you will need a few minutes to get settled. Guests will not be allowed to enter the event more than 20 minutes late as we want to be mindful of others’ creative process. Please see our cancellation policy for further details.

Events last approximately 2-2.5 hours unless previously noted, and there are frequent breaks.


Where are you located?

Events vary in setting as they are hosted at different venues. Event information is listed under each location found in our “Events” page.  We hope to be in our own storefront very soon!


What do I wear?

We do suggest wearing something comfortable that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. However, if you’d like to impress us with your fashion, we do provide aprons. Also, please take note of OUTDOOR events in which you may want the occasional hat and sun screen 🙂


If I come with a friend or a group, can we all sit together?

We encourage arriving to the event early in order to save the seats that you and your group will prefer.


What is your cancellation/re-scheduling policy?

We offer refunds in the form of STORE CREDIT if you cancel more than 7 days prior to the event. If your cancellation is within 7 days of the event, we do not offer any store credit or refunds. Cancellations should be made by phone or by contacting us at info@paintedcellars.com.


Does Painted Cellars sell wine?

Unfortunately, Painted Cellars does NOT sell any alcoholic beverages. However, our various venues that host and support Painted Cellars events may have alcoholic beverages available!


What is the age requirement?

Painted Cellars caters to the fun-loving adult population, however guests over the age of 10 may also attend at family friendly venues. Be sure to check out our kids classes on the calendar as well.


Do men paint?

Of course they do! And they’re pretty darn good at it. Men, if you are in need of a extra-ordinary date night or looking for other singles…Painted Cellars may be able to help you out.


When does the new schedule come out?

Our new calendar comes out the 20th of each month. Be sure to check our Calendar or check out our Facebook page to learn about upcoming events, specials and new paintings!

What is a Painted Cellars event like?

Painted Cellars is a paint class for fun-loving adults. It’s held in a stress-free and fun group setting. An art instructor guides you step-by-step replicating the featured image. During the class, we play music and enjoy socializing & painting with friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers while our staff takes impeccable care of you and your guests. It’s an event you won’t forget and will look forward to attending again.


Can I change the style of the featured painting?

Absolutely! Guests are encouraged to find their “inner artist” and are welcomed to change up their unique art piece. Our instructor is present to provide guidance and suggestions.


What is the cost of a Painted Cellars event?

The price is $40 and goes up dependent on the event and what it includes, such as appetizers at certain locations, or other special inclusions.


How often will you repeat paintings?

Please let us know if an image captures your eye and if you were unable to attend, check out our Private Events where you can choose ANY painting you want to paint! We will keep these requests in mind when scheduling future classes!


What is included in the price?

We provide everything you need—a canvas, paint, brushes, easels, aprons, set-up, and clean-up plus, a very fun time!


Can we host a private party with Painted Cellars?

Of course you can! Painted Cellars can come to you! See our Private Events page for details.


How do I make a reservation and pay?

Our RSVP policy is as follows . . .

Payment online via our website automatically secures your reservation. Should you come across any issues please call (530) 715-0808 or (707) 955 – 5233 and leave your name and number. We will return your call as soon as possible.


Do I need to sign up in advance?

We highly recommend signing up in advance as seats are limited. Besides paying for your seat on-line, you may also call our office directly at (530) 715-0808 or (707)955-5233 and register over the phone.


What if I want to sign up for an event that is already SOLD OUT?

Painted Cellars encourages you to call into our local office to be placed on the wait list. You may just find yourself in luck if there are any last minute cancellations! Painted Cellars will contact you if there are any available. The wait-list will be organized based on the time that calls were received.